Independent Schools in the eastern Costa del Sol

One of the most important things you will need to consider when moving to the Costa del Sol, Spain, if you have children of school age, is which schools and colleges will be the right ones for them.

Some of the most highly recommended international schools and colleges in the eastern Costa del Sol, include:

Benalmadena International College

Teachingages 3-18, this is a co-ed day school. A British school, mostly attended by British pupils. Founded 1997. English Curriculum education with IGCSEs, AS and A Levels. For those not wanting to do A levels, the school has recently introduced vocational courses.

St Anthony's College, Mijas-Costa

Ages 3-18, co-ed day school; an officially recognised bilingual school offering an English curriculum with GCSEs at 16 and a wide range of A Levels at 18. Established in 1968. It also offers Spanish EGB, BUP and COU. Spanish Section gives lessons in Spanish Language and Culture. Enables the validation of British studies by the Spanish Ministry of Education, leading to ‘Graduado en Educacion Secundaria’ (GCSE equivalent) and ‘Título de Bachiller Espanol’ (GCE equivalent).

St George’s British School of Malaga

Situated just east of Malaga. Co-ed day school. Ages 3-18. English National Curriculum. IGCSE from ages 14-16, A Levels from 16-18. Also, a number of Spanish language courses help with preparation for Universities in Spain. 

Sunland International School, Cartama Estacion

Situated around 20km inland from Malaga. Lovely, spacious rural setting, this growing 300 pupil school gives a particularly friendly welcome. Mostly used by inland families, though there are school bus services from Malaga and from Benalmadena-Torremolinos.

Spanish owned, currently teaching ages 3-17, with up to age 18. Co-ed day. Pupils are mostly British. English curriculum, (SATS: ages 11 and 14, and IGCSEs).

Sunny View School, Torremolinos

Founded 1971 in the hills above Torremolinos. Over 450 pupils. Co-ed day school. Ages 3-18. Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Schools. Complete English National Curriculum education, including GCSE from ages 14-16, A Levels from 16-18.

The British College Benalmadena

Ages 5-18. Co-ed day school. A 5 minute walk from Torremuelle train station on the Fuengirola - Malaga line, which is much used by the older pupils.

 In addition to its British and other European pupils, it is well represented by Spanish pupils, who are given intensive English language tuition. English National Curriculum. Students do IGCSEs for ages 14-16, A/S Levels at 17, and A Levels at 18. A bilingual school for all ages. Spanish Language and Literature, and Spanish History and Geography, are taught in the Secondary school. It has a Psychology department staffed by three psychologists.

Properties for sale in Benalmadena, Mijas-Costa, Torremolinos and Malaga

If you are looking for a property for sale in Benalmadena, Mijas-Costa, Torremolinos or Malaga, choose from a wide range of townhouses, villas, fincas, studios and apartments on the Costa del Sol. Both resale properties and new developments are among the properties for sale on the Eastern Costa del Sol, and provide excellent rental accommodation or permanent residences.

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